Pleasant Chaos

Check work email, check personal email. My seven-month-old daughter has a death grip on my thumbs as I teach her to walk and I’m scolding the twenty-two-month daughter for purposefully putting a book on the floor in our path. (Can’t step on books, instant timeout) The tone of my voice switches seamlessly between encouragement and parent-authoritarian. Drinking second full mug of coffee before 7:30 in the morning. Got five hours of sleep last night, often interrupted by youngest daughter screaming due to a head cold. Off to get and fax more financial documents for the mortgage lender and continue the hoop-jumping process, so far I’m 167 for 167. Check work email, check personal email. Getting ready to sit in on a ninety-minute talk presented by a colleague at work. Ninety minutes feels like a comically long amount of time. Helping a friend with some programming advice. Exercised yesterday morning, so today’s the off day. Lose five minutes before I realize that I accidentally looked at Google Reader and have been reading about a new smartphone I won’t buy. Wishing that time would stop so that I could catch up at work. My apartment is full of packed and half-packed moving boxes. Have to remember to move them away from the windows so that the older daughter doesn’t climb them to get a different vantage point for the windows. Although I applaud the goal, the boxes aren’t stable. Getting ready for work — have so much going on that I have to run down my daily checklist before getting out the door: deodorant, oral hygiene. So uncomfortable when I forget. Check work email, check personal email. Later, I’ll try to remember if I ate this morning. If not, 11am ramen at work. Put on my winter gear to get ready for the cold commute and listen to my younger daughter babbling “da da da” and my older daughter answering “yeah! da da da!” and pointing at me. On the bus ride to work I’m going to read five more pages of the book that my best friend lent me, enjoy them, and look forward to reading five more another time.

2010 is pretty much going as expected.

I’m happy.

And I’m out the door.