Words, Words, Words

Reading is my primary pastime. There’s a natural inclination to think that if you don’t read books that you don’t like reading. Books are great, but reading isn’t all about books.

When I want to learn about current web technology and design? Websites and web-derived authors: Smashing Magazine. A List Apart. Net Tuts. A Book Apart.

Current events apart from the day-to-day headlines? Atlantic Magazine.

When I have to give a big presentation at work? Books. I purchase and read Confessions of a Public Speaker. (Great book!)

Games. Movies. Relationships. Parenting. Economics. Finances. Politics. Philosophy. Career. Programming. Fitness. Design. Gardening.

Books. Blogs. Forums. Websites. Twitter. Magazines. Op-eds. Essays. The Boston Metro that someone just put down in the Red Line.

And that doesn’t count undirected reading of the random and interesting corners of the internet.

And then to relax? Fiction.

All reading.